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01 May 2024

techoraco press release

techoraco press release
techoraco launches a unique new market offering for the digital infrastructure and technology industries.

techoraco was formed to house six powerhouse brands: Capacity, International Telecoms Week (ITW), BroadGroup’s Datacloud Series, Global Leaders’ Forum (GLF), TowerXchange, and The Women in Tech World series under one roof.


Connecting people and businesses in digital infrastructure and technology, through large scale and regional events, awards, membership, and news, techoraco’s mission is to help businesses forge partnerships and close deals that keep the world connected.


techoraco has been connecting leaders in fibre, towers, data centres and wider markets for almost 25 years. With this heritage at its core, techoraco uses strength, expertise, scale, and industry immersion to drive the digital infrastructure industry forward.


techoraco boasts a vast network of over 200,000 leaders across digital infrastructure and technology, providing unparalleled access to industry professionals via twenty five events annually. Providing a platform for deal making and partnerships alongside market intelligence and community memberships, techoraco offers a wealth of resources, keeping the world connected.


Ros Irving, CEO of techoraco says, “The primary objective of creating techoraco is to create a connection for the long standing and trusted brands in our portfolio, not to replace the existing brands. The global events, communities and market intelligence brands our customers know and trust will remain unchanged, managed by the same expert teams they have relationships with. Rather, we are bringing these brands together under one business to provide our audiences and clients with even greater offerings, and world-class customer service.”

About techoraco

techoraco was formed in 2024 to house six leading events, market intelligence and community brands: Capacity Media, Broadgroup’s Datacloud, International Telecoms Week (ITW), TowerXchange, Global Leaders’ Forum, and The Women in Tech World Series on a single platform, letting industry professionals easily access both established favourites and to discover new brands.


With a commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation across the digital infrastructure and technology ecosystem, techoraco empowers businesses to thrive in today’s ever evolving tech landscape. Our name takes inspiration from our brand DNA and values: we have intravenous market connections, we bring together ecosystems, our deal-making events are unmissable destinations for important market players and serve a unique mix of key decision-makers.


We blended these core concepts to make a clear statement of our intent to serve the tech market (TECH), inspired by one of nature’s greatest events: the aurora (ORA) and help our industries build the vital connections they need to deliver growth (CO).


techoraco is a portfolio company owned by Delinian and is headquartered at 4 Bouverie Street, London, EC4Y 8AX.

techoraco brands (year founded)  

Capacity Media (2000), Datacloud (2002), ITW (2008), TowerXchange (2012), The Women in Tech World Series (2015), Global Leaders Forum (2016)


Ros Irving, CEO, techoraco

Ross Webster, Sales Director, techoraco

Yetunde Akinwale, Marketing Director, techoraco


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